If you feel uncomfortable, this is for you!

We spend our lives avoiding feeling uncomfortable, of course we do. Who likes to feel that way? Not me. But sometimes feeling uncomfortable is a good thing.

My fasting experience

A few months ago I started practicing intermittent fasting, for health reasons. The first week was extremely uncomfortable. I felt hungry, my stomach growled and sometimes, I felt pain. I was however determined to get through it. Fast forward a few months, the hunger still comes and goes but it no longer bothers me, I just shrug it off and go on about my day. After being conditioned to eating every few hours, fasting was not something that came naturally to me, but being able to endure it has changed my life for the better. This experience has also made me think about everything else uncomfortable in my life and also brought me to write this article.

Avoiding the uncomfortable

It seems that we avoid feeling uncomfortable at all cost. When we are hungry we eat right away, if we feel slightly hot or cold we make sure to turn on the heat or the a/c, when we feel a bit of physical or emotional pain we try to  remedy it as fast as possible. It is uncomfortable when someone touches us,  it is uncomfortable to work hard, etc. I could go on and on with things, situations and people that make us uncomfortable.

Why do we feel uncomfortable?

But why is it that we are so fragile sometimes? Is it because we are not taught to be strong at an early age? Why do we have to protect ourselves? What are we afraid of? A very wise woman told me one time that anxiety, which is a very uncomfortable feeling,  is the fear of death. You are not always aware of the basis of the fear, but it all comes to being afraid of dying. In my opinion, when we feel uncomfortable it triggers self-preservation in our brains. However, we can trick our brains  to think we can overcome anything and if we believe it we can achieve it.

Can you imagine if our ancestors were “snowflakes”?

If our ancestors were so frail we would not be where we are today. Their will to survive even under extremely uncomfortable circumstances such as harsh weather conditions, food scarcity and other threats, guaranteed the survival of human kind.

Enduring the uncomfortable is a great thing, on the other hand, our unwillingness to  being uncomfortable has also propelled us to invent things that would improve our quality of life and make us live longer as an example, electricity. Life was harder without it, or at least I think so.

Crash course on being uncomfortable

Two things: get married and have kids lol

When we become parents we have no choice but to inconvenience ourselves for our kids. Of course we should do that and that is a huge part of being a parent. We spend nights awake, we take part in unwanted activities, we put up with noise, tantrums, we give up our food, our clothes, our sleep and our lives for the happiness of our little ones. Every decent parent does this.

As much as we inconvenience ourselves for our children, we also prevent them from feeling uncomfortable and we shelter them. How do we expect them to face the world? At some point we need to let our kids be uncomfortable. That’s how they will grow and learn resilience. Only by enduring uncomfortable situations can our kids succeed in life. Teaching our kids about being uncomfortable and overcoming it is very important. The earlier they learn it, the better.

Attention Husbands and Wives! Sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort zone to please your partner. Sometimes you do things you don’t feel like doing ( ladies I’m including the bedroom stuff), go to places you don’t want to go, tolerate nonsense. Yes, we just have to do it if we want to stay married. I am not saying that we should put up with abuse, but marriage requires daily sacrifices just as having kids does, and it can be quite uncomfortable at times.

Then there are the others…

We tend to go above and beyond  for our relatives without thinking twice, but how about the others? Why should I get out of my comfort zone to help this person? But why not? That means being a good human being.  I am not saying that we should always do it but sometimes we have to because it is the right thing to do or because you never know when you will need someone else to get out of their way to help you.

Benefits of being uncomfortable and final thoughts

Admitting that something makes us uncomfortable is uncomfortable. Changing an opinion or accepting that you may have been wrong can be unsettling, but once you accept it and open your mind to new ideas, it becomes liberating.

Being uncomfortable, accepting it and moving forward makes us strong, it makes us grow, it makes us better human beings. We value things more and it can be rewarding. We need to stop being sensitive like little “snowflakes” and get out of our comfort zone once in a while, then, we can look back and say “this is nothing, I’ve been through something way more uncomfortable than that”.

 Have you been through something uncomfortable lately? How did you deal with it?

Thank you for reading my article and please check out my mother-in-law`s new book  https://www.amazon.com/Nina-Lekka/e/B01M8OB3N3


2 thoughts on “If you feel uncomfortable, this is for you!

  1. Cheguei a conclusão de que ,se nos sentimos desconfortáveis temos a tendência de ir em busca de melhorias em qualquer setor da nossa vida. Leva a busca de uma melhor sobrevivência que poderemos passar para outras gerações.

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