If water falls from the sky, why do I need to save it?

I have to admit it bothers me when I see people using water like there is no tomorrow. I have never been mindful about things in my life except when it came to water. Probably because where I grew up, water was only available every other day. The days that we did not have water, we had to save it. Funny thing is that I grew up in a town in the middle of the Amazon rain forest, home of the largest river in the world. Talk about bad water distribution.

You may ask why should I save water if it falls from the sky? Well, fresh water is not as renewable as it may seem. Yes, condensation takes it up into the clouds, but where it comes back down depends on the winds and weather cycle, a lot of it ends in the ocean.

Water is the most threatened resource in our planet yet we are overusing it and abusing it without a care. Americans waste 1 trillion of gallons of water each year It’s about 40 million swimming pools or 9 percent of the total water needed to end the California drought. We are consuming and wasting water faster than the natural water cycle is capable of replenishing it and it takes time for the cycle to complete its round.

One percent of all existent water is good for human consumption and easily accessible. If we put all the water in the world in a bottle, less than a teaspoon would be available for us to use.

But why should you care? Let the future generations deal with it, right? The problem is we are already in a water deficit, we are using water that belongs to the future generations. If we don`t change the way we consume water we will be entering a water crisis soon.

I understand that agriculture and industry consume most of our water but we are the ones that consume their products. What can we do to minimize our impact? Here are 13 tips:

  1. Five minute showers. Make sure to close that faucet when you are not rinsing yourself.
  2. Flush only when necessary. I know this may sound gross, but think about it, some people have no access to water to even shower and we piss on it. Another tip is to fill a gallon of water and put it in the toilet tank. Every time you flush you can save water. Here is a quick link that I found showing how to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgDGjGNsagc
  3. Dishwashers save you water more than washing by hand, but make sure to fill it with dirty dishes every time. If you don`t have a dishwasher, like me, make sure to scrub all your dishes with a environmentally friendly soap, then open the faucet only one time to rinse your dishes.
  4. Do not throw  cooking oil down the drain, one liter of oil can contaminate 400 thousand litters of water and it is extremely dangerous to the environment.
  5. Talking about rinsing, you can use half of the water you use to do dishes if you attach a BUTTON in your faucet spout. The way to do it is to unscrew the tip, insert the button that fits your spout, and screw it back on.
  6. Fill your washing machine to capacity when you do laundry and please be around and don`t use the rinse cycle two times.
  7. When you use a hose you waste 500 liters of water to wash one car, instead you can use a bucket to help you use less.
  8. Take advantage of rain water. I use it to water my garden, flush, wash my car, in the washing machine, you can get creative.
  9. Reuse your water. I live in NY and before I shower in the winter I need to let the water run for a little. I always make sure to catch the water and use it for flushing. Also, restrict your baths as much as you can. I never take baths because I think It is so much waste. But if you cannot let got of your Epson salt baths, limit them.
  10. Brushing teeth and shaving? Only open the faucet when you rinse your mouth, and as for the shaving, you can use a small bowl with water and dip your razor in it after going over your face each time. Only rinse your face when you are done
  11. Do not play with water, say no to things like ice bucket challenges.
  12. Fix your appliances, look for leaks. Put some food coloring in your toilet tank, if you see color in the bowl, you have a leak. For internal leaks, take a water meter reading, wait for a couple of hours and take another reading. If the reader changes, you have a leak. Make sure no water is being used in the house, in this process.
  13. Most importantly, practice mindfulness when dealing with water. Be present. Think how wonderful water is, be grateful, use it with love. It is our most precious thing. 1 in 6 people in the world do not have access to drinking clean water. Think about that as well.

I believe that if each of us makes a conscientious effort to change the way we use water and consume products, we can change things around. Teach your family, your friends, your coworkers, your classmate, even your enemies.

There are many other ways you can save water, you can get very creative. How do you save water at home?

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6 thoughts on “If water falls from the sky, why do I need to save it?

  1. Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better. I am an Environment Engg student and passionate about saving water. I just lose it when I see people washing their cars, and worse still think that there is no water problem


  2. Esse é um tema muito importante, mas infelizmente as pessoas não tem ou não querem ter consciência que estamos com um percentual baixissimo de água. Mesmo assim cabe a cada um de nós ficar sempre batendo na mesma tecla para ver se as pessoas se reeducam. Não vamos esmorecer, continuaremos fazendo a nossa parte.


  3. Muito bom essa postagem! Sempre é bom ter informações como essas para conscientizar mais as pessoas sobre um elemento tão importante na nossa vida. Parabéns pela iniciativa do blog, vai longe!


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